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Gig Prints

Gig Prints

My first love is Gig. I sure wish I knew something...anything...about the artist who signed those marvelous paintings of destitute, sad, pathetic, loveable dogs & cats simply "Gig". I've found a couple of prints of cats by Gig which did not have big eyes...but the majority of the prints I have sport huge, sad eyes, with backgrounds to match (garbage cans, wet alleys, pet shop windows, junkyards). They just make me want to pick them up and take them home with me (and I do, every time I see one)!

Gig Cats

This first section is devoted to the forlorn felines...







This next section is devoted to the woeful wildcats...


...And here are those strange Gig cats without the big eyes:




Gig Dogs

And now, here are the destitute doggies:







More Gigs to come! Keep checking back!