Margaret and Walter Keane

I really don't know much about the whole "Big Eye/Sad Eye Movement", except to say that the originator(s) of the first Big/Sad Eye paintings were the Keanes...Margaret and Walter. Well, at least Margaret. I've heard various stories about who really came up with the idea to paint Big/Sad Eyed kids. If you want to know Margaret's version of the story, you can check out her gallery in San Francisco, at Fisherman's Wharf...directly across from the entrance to Ghiradelli. If you are into "Big/Sad Eye" paintings, it's a must-see! You may even get lucky & meet Margaret herself!

I have so many Keane prints, it's hard to decide which ones to display here for your visual enjoyment. I will update this page regularly...eventually they will all be shown. Enjoy!





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