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Gig World Is Under Construction!

You've just happened upon one very strange web page...a web page devoted entirely to Big Eye/Sad Eye prints, dolls, figurines, and other assorted Big Eye & Sad Eye Paraphernalia.

The purpose of this web page is to "show off" my collection, thereby making a fool of myself to the world at large. No, purpose in creating this page is to connect with other Big Eye/Sad Eye afficianados...and to hopefully learn the true history of the paintings, and the artists who supplied us with so much joy (or depression).

Oh yeah...and to do some serious trading!

This page is currently "under construction" due to the fact that I now have a life, and have very little time to devote to creating a web page. So keep checking back for new pictures & stories!

Wanna see more? Please select one of the following categories:

Keane Prints Gig Prints
Lee Prints Eve Prints
Ozz Franca Prints Maio Prints
Eden Prints Leighton-Jones Prints
Goji Prints Sherle Prints
W. Otto C. Paria
Velvet Paintings Oil Paintings
Dolls Figurines
Banks Lamps
Puzzles Salt & Pepper Shakers
Playing Cards Collectors Plates
Paint-By-Numbers Brooch Pins
Refrigerator Magnets Clothing

If you have anything for trade,
click here!!!!
I have several duplicates, and I love to trade. Also, if you have any information on any of the artist's work featured here, please email me!